Autologous bone marrow transplant

This type of transplant involves the use of a patient’s stem cells. They involve harvesting the patient’s cell before damaging therapy like chemotherapy or radiation. The cells return to the body after the treatment is done. It can only be used for patients with healthy bone marrow. The technician doing the collection freezes the collected stem cells before storing them for later use. Using this transplant offers various advantages over stem cells from another donor. For example, the cells are always compatible. BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital has one of the best surgeons for autologous bone marrow transplant in Bangalore

It is used for people who undergo high doses of chemotherapy and radiation for curing their diseases. These treatments are likely to damage the marrow. Autologous BMT helps to restore the damage. In this type of transplant, doctors generally collect or harvest stem cells called peripheral blood stem cells. This process is more straightforward than an allogeneic transplant, which acquires stem cells from another donor. It does not require operations or general anaesthesia. When undergoing an autologous or allogeneic BMT, patients are given medicines to increase the number of stem cells in their blood.

Further, the stem cells are filtered from the blood before the patient goes through high doses of cancer treatment like chemo, etc. Finally, healthy bone marrow cells are infused back into the body of the patient. The hospital has one of the best doctors for autologous bone marrow transplant in Bangalore. 

There are no side effects to the transplant as such. But occasionally, patients tend to experience a funny taste in mouth, chills, nausea, etc. The urine could also be tinged red for the first 24 hours post-transplantation. 

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