Brain stroke

 What is brain stroke?

A brain stroke occurs when the supply of blood gets interrupted. The result of a stroke is dead brain cells. The brain does not receive adequate oxygen, blood, or nutrients.  

 What are the causes of a brain stroke?

People with high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes are exposed to brain stroke. People who smoke frequently are at high risk. Any accident or sudden damage to the brain can cause brain stroke.

What are the symptoms of a brain stroke?

1. Speech issues

2. The confused state of mind

3. Vertigo and imbalance

4. Numbness

5. Partial loss of vision

What are the different types of a brain stroke?

1. Ischemic stroke

2. Haemorrhagic stroke

How is stroke diagnosed?

Diagnosis of brain stroke is carried out through:

1. Standard Neurologic exam

2. Muscle pain or weakness, improper speech, and dropping face require an immediate diagnosis.

3. History is read, and physical examination is done.

4. CT, MRI, CBC, and INR test is carried out to check the blood count and study the health of the brain.

What is the treatment for brain stroke?

1. Proper medications

2. Prevention: Take appropriate steps to prevent brain stroke

3. Carotid endarterectomy surgery

4. Cardiac monitoring

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How to prevent a brain stroke?

It is often found that prevention is better than cure. Any person who is at risk of facing brain stroke must undergo physical training every day. A nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle will aid in the prevention of brain stroke. 

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