Complex Congenital heart disease

It’s the problem with the heart structure since the time of the birth. The defects can involve the walls of the heart, arteries, and veins of the heart and the valves of the heart.  They change the normal flow of blood through the heart. 
Complex congenital heart disease can be treated with surgery. The most common type of complex congenital heart disease is Tetralogy of Fallot. In this type, enough blood is not able to reach the lungs to get oxygen. A few reasons for Congenital heart disease can be Heredity, genetic disorders like down syndrome and smoking during pregnancy. Many congenital heart diseases have no or few signs like rapid breathing, cyanosis, fatigue, and poor blood circulation. If not treated, it may lead to end stage congenital cardiac disease, which is worse. 
Echocardiography is an important test for diagnosing a heart problem and following the problem over the course of time.  Children who have complex congenital heart disease may need to visit their cardiologists regularly, and might need special care after their surgeries. BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals is one of the best hospitals for treatment of congenital heart disease in Bangalore.

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