What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy occurs when damage occurs in the central nervous system. The activities controlled by the brain are not carried out correctly.

What are the Causes of Epilepsy?

Some of the causes of epilepsy include:

  1. Lack of oxygen during birth
  2. Brain tumors
  3. Genetic conditions
  4. Severe head injuries
  5. Infections

What are the symptoms of Epilepsy?

  1. The confused and disturbed state of mind.
  2. Issues with vision.
  3. Loss of memory or consciousness.
  4. Fear, anxiety, stress.

What are the different types of seizures?

  1. Myoclonic seizures
  2. Tonic seizures
  3. Atonic seizures
  4. Absence seizures

What is the treatment for epilepsy?

  1. Appropriate medications.
  2. Ketogenic diet
  3. Surgery to remove a small part of the brain that causes seizures.
  4. A tiny device is placed inside the human body to reduce seizures.

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