What are kidney cysts?

Kidney cysts are spherical pouches of liquid that form in the kidneys, associated with serious disorders that may damage the kidney function. Diagnosis at a good time is recommended as it can stop the cysts from becoming complex.

What are the symptoms of kidney cysts?

Usually, there are no obvious signs and symptoms of simple kidney cysts. However, the symptoms of kidney cysts that show the complexity of the cysts are:

  • Dull pain in the back
  • Fever
  • Upper Abdomen Pain

We advise the patients to see a doctor as soon as they see the following symptoms.

What causes kidney cysts?

The causes of kidney cysts are not that clear yet. Some theories suggest that kidney cysts are developed when the surface layer of the kidney weakens and forms a pouch (diverticulum). The pouch gets filled with the fluid, detaches itself, which leads to the formation of the cyst.

How are kidney cysts diagnosed?

There are a few tests and procedures that are performed by our doctors to diagnose kidney cysts in the patients. We have one of the best nephrologists for the treatment of kidney cysts in Bangalore. The following tests are performed accurately for diagnosing kidney cysts:

  • Imaging Test
  • Kidney Function Test

How are kidney cysts treated?

If a kidney cyst does not cause any signs and symptoms, then the patient does not require any treatment for kidney cysts. However, if a kidney cyst shows signs and symptoms, then treatment for the same is recommended. We have among us some of the best doctors for the treatment of kidney cysts in Bangalore. Our doctors are experts and have a great success rate. We are always there for our patients, and this makes us one of the best hospitals for the treatment of kidney cysts in Bangalore.

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