Women’s Cancer Screening Package

Taking cancer screenings regularly may help detect breast, cervical, colorectal or other cancers early. Screenings are recommended to take place once per year in order for patients be sure they don't miss any potential abnormalities that could lead them toward diagnosis of the disease sooner than later because time often makes all the difference when it comes down how long certain types require treatment before being curable or not at all.


Cancer checkups should start early by getting testing done yearly so you can avoid.

Women’s Cancer Screening Package @ 1111/-

Tests Include:

  • Bilateral Mammogram (Aged 40+) OR CA 125 (Aged below 40)
  • CBC
  • Serum – Creatinine
  • Random Blood Sugar
  • Ultra Sound Abdomen and Pelvis
  • Pap Smear
  • Consultation with specialist

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