Five-year old boy revived from coma & making full recovery.

The smile of little Lakshay does little to suggest that he has been fighting one of the grimmest battles of his young life. Just over five months ago a freak accident left his fingers badly injured and he had to be rushed into surgery at a local hospital. Even before the doctors put a scalpel to his wounded fingers, Lakshay slipped into coma and the situation looked out of hands.

Parents, Nandini & Purushottam, found their son in the ICU for well over a month and each day the chances & hopes of his recovery dwindled. The doctors almost gave up on the child and every specialist seemed to harbor only pessimism. The parents however, hung on and fought against hope.

Five months on, Nandini & Purushottam found a new lease of hope at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Bangalore. Neurosurgeons at the hospital, led by vice-chairman and chief neurosurgeon, Dr. Venkataramana performed a number of procedures to help the young boy back to normal health.

Lakshay is making very good progress. Most importantly, he is able to repeat actions, is alert and can stand up and walk with support. He is responding to all commands.

But we are concerned about his vision, which may take some time to improve completely. He isn’t able to focus on one object for long. But I think in six months, he will be independent.

Those words from the doctors give Lakshay’s parents a reason to smile for the first time in 5 months. Their son is making steady progress and it is progress that they can see every day.

Today, he is eating well and making us run around like he used to. We can’t say no to anything he asks for. In fact, today he demanded a rickshaw and we have to buy him one,  remarks Nandini.