The secret life of a doctor: 10 doctors share the biggest struggle of being in the profession

Doctors reel under unrelenting work pressure, they work for inhumane hours, suffer from severe burnout, undergo sleep deprivation and anxiety but despite all of these struggles their profession demands them to put up a brave front, one that lacks any fragility.

Ironically, official statistics show that mental health of doctors is long compromised and that’s an area of deep concern. As we celebrate them this Doctor’s Day, it is also important to know that beyond their love for their duty, some things are left unspoken…

Dr Kutappa A M, Head – Medical Services, BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital

While good care is being provided to patients suffering from COVID-19, the toughest part about being a doctor in these times is to see the physical and emotional pain that a patient and their families go through during the recovery process. As doctors, we are geared up and united in the fight against the virus in these tough times until a vaccine is available.

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