Dr Joshy E. V

Department: Neurology

Designation: Senior Consultant Neurologist, Brains Hospital

Qualification: MBBS, M.D (Internal Medicine) D.M (Neurology), Neuromuscular Disease Fellowship USA (LH years)

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Dr Joshy E. V is a highly experienced, internationally trained and celebrated medical professional with over 40 years of professional experience. His objective is to set up the first centre for Autoimmune Neurology in Bangalore with a comprehensive treatment facility for patients with various autoimmune neurological disorders. In his three-decade-long career, he has been associated with various reputed hospitals and medical institutes. He worked as the Senior Consultant & Chief of Neurology at SSSIHMS, Bangalore. Currently, he works as a

He also provides free health services to over 20,000 patients every year and provides free education to those who cannot afford formal medical training but have are talented. Along with being a medical professional, he is also the founder of Weekly Neurology.


40 Years of Experience


  • 1989 to 2009

Consultant and Chief of Neurology at Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • July 2009 to 2019

Senior Consultant & Chief of Neurology, SSSIHMS, Bangalore

  • Jan 2018 to present

Consultant Neurologist, Brains Hospital


  • Advanced Autoimmune Neurology practice with Biologicals like Rituximab
  • Botox Injection treatment for Dystonia & Movement disorders, Chronic headache
  • Keen to start new upcoming treatments with stem cell and gene therapy
  • ‘Difficult-to-diagnose & treat Neurology patient’ with alternative modalities
  • Suggestion with electric stimulation (Inventor) – Instant cure for Conversion disorders.
  • Chronic Stress & Yogic Vagus Nerve Activation (Inventor) treatment
  • Clinical Neurology training / mentoring for residents & general practitioners
  • New Leadership / Transformation skills based on Landmark Education programs


  • Best Outgoing Student Award
  • Medical School Dean’s Award


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