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General Medicine

Department of General Medicine

General medicine is the practice of preventing, managing, diagnosing, and treating all adult health problems. The department of General Medicine is the first point of contact for the patients. The department directs the patients if their medical condition requires advanced treatment. With advanced diagnostic techniques, the severity and cause of the condition are analysed, and only then patients are referred to specialists, making us one of the best hospitals for general medicine in Bangalore. 

With some of the best general medicine doctors in Bangalore on board, we provide a holistic and comprehensive disease management infrastructure, bringing us to the same league as some of the best internal medicine hospitals in Bangalore. We believe that general medicine is the very basic requirement of any healthcare organization. Moreover, its practitioners should spread disease awareness and fight for the cause of a healthy society. We believe that we have made progress by measuring the number of people in whom we restore the hope of a better tomorrow. 

At our centre for internal medicine, we offer state-of-art infrastructure with well-equipped labs that provide our patients with the first-class comfort guaranteeing a speedy recovery. At our centre of General Medicine, we hire compassionate and empathetic staff who ensure that the patient receives the right healing atmosphere. We employ some of the best general medicine doctors in Bangalore to deliver result-oriented services. Our strong inter-professional team extends a collaborative approach to the treatment of various diseases.

Why Choose BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals for General Medicine?

 The department of General medicine at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals has advanced facilities, especially for endocrinology, with the latest diagnostic techniques along with additional benefits of low-cost hormone treatment. At our centre for internal medicine, care, and comfort are top priorities, and hence, we keep our patients well informed before any step that we may take for their benefit. The patients can also ask their queries, and we make our best efforts to answer all of them effectively. 

We employ some of the best general medicine doctors in Bangalore and thus guarantee to deliver exceptional and advanced treatment for a wide range of diseases to our patients. Our doctors bring a wealth of experience and wide-ranging expertise that has helped us help thousands of patients. We aim at a 360-degree treatment for our patients and make sure that they can again live a normal, stress-free life. Our in-house pros know what they are responsible for and guarantee the best services with assured results at our centre dedicated specially for the general medicine.

With the availability of cost-effective treatment options, while maintaining the quality of treatment with our world-class team of doctors, we strive to bring the best for you. Our promise to you is to give our utmost care and priority to you while bringing you the facilities that some of the best hospitals for internal medicine in Bangalore offers.

Our Diagnostic Capabilities

The first step towards the treatment of a disease is a complete and accurate diagnosis of the patient’s medical condition. At the internal medicine department of BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, we understand the importance of diagnosis and prioritize accurate tests and identification over anything else. 

We start the diagnosis by understanding the patient’s medical history and examination of the symptoms experienced by the patient. At our centre for general medicine at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospitals, we use specialized diagnostic techniques that help in the treatment of a variety of general diseases like anorexia, chickenpox, etc. Our centre is equipped with instruments that have cutting-edge technology that some of the best internal medicine hospitals in Bangalore possess, guaranteeing the best patient care and support.

Some of the diagnostic tests that we offer include

Laboratory Tests

  • FOBT test – a fecal occult blood test is a type of stool test that is used to check the presence of blood in the stool sample. The presence of blood in stools may be an indication of colorectal cancer.
  • Stool culture test – The stool sample is cultured on agar plates to check for the presence of bacteria that may be the causative agents of infections in the lower GIT.

Image tests

  • Computed Tomography, aka CT scan – An imaging test that uses X-rays and a computer to give images of various body parts bone, muscles, fat, and organs. 
  • MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging – This imaging test uses large magnets, radiofrequency, and a computer to provide images of organs and body structures. 
  • Colorectal transit study – This is used to check how well the food moves through the intestinal tract. 
  • Barium enema – A test used to examine the large intestine and rectum and check for blockages and obstructions. 
  • Oropharyngeal motility study – The patient is given a liquid containing small amounts of barium to drink, and the barium is traced using X-rays to provide images of various intestinal parts. 
  • Ultrasound – This test uses high-frequency sound waves to generate images of the GIT. 
  • Barium Meal
  • Defecography – This test studies anorectal contractions and relaxations using an X-ray and is used to check for anorectal abnormalities. 

Endoscopic Procedures – 

  • Colonoscopy – This is used to detect colon cancer and investigate various spouts of uncontrolled diarrhoea.
  • Esophagogastroduodenoscopy – This is used to examine the inside of the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum using an endoscope. 
  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) – This is used to detect abnormalities in the gallbladder, liver, and pancreas and is done by X-ray and an endoscope. 
  • Upper Endoscopy – This is a minimally invasive technique used to investigate acid reflux, trouble in swallowing, and stomach ailments.

What are the different diseases/conditions treated at the Department of General Medicine?

Here are some of the conditions that are diagnosed and treated by the Internal Medicine physicians

Acute Respiratory Infections

Various infections of the upper respiratory tract (ears, nose, throat) and lower respiratory tract (trachea, bronchi) are treated by our team of experts using various antibiotics.


The airways get inflamed and become sensitive to allergens in patients suffering from asthma. Medication is given in chronic cases that involve vasodilators and corticosteroids. Minimum medication ensures that the person can lead a normal life.


This condition leads to blockages in the airways that makes breathing difficult. Treatment involves drinking fluids to flush out toxins, an analgesic to reduce fever along with intake of some prescribed drugs to unblock the nasal pathway.


An increase in blood sugar levels marks this condition. The blood sugar is regulated by a hormone known as insulin. The improper functioning of insulin may result in diabetes. Treatment includes the administration of insulin artificially, increasing the functioning of the hormone along with some lifestyle changes. With a 24X7 medical facility offered by some of the best hospitals for the treatment of type II diabetes in Bangalorefor diabetic patients, we ensure that our patients are in the pink of health.

High Blood Cholesterol

Excess cholesterol gets accumulated in the arterial walls leading to heart diseases. With effective drugs and experienced doctors, we combat cholesterol-related ailments, earning us a place among some of the best hospital for the treatment of high cholesterol in Bangalore.


This is also known as high blood pressure. At our centre, we recommend dietary and lifestyle changes with minimal drug intake to help you return to your normal life.


An inactive thyroid gland marks the condition. Hypothyroidism can affect other parts of the body and cause rapid weight loss. Our centre provides complete treatment of this condition using radioactive iodine and medication, and surgery for dire cases.


It is a respiratory illness caused by a virus. Symptoms like fever and headache are seen in the patients. We treat our patients with adequate rest, minimal medication, and utmost comfort to make their treatment period as relaxing and therapeutic as possible. Moreover, we offer vaccination programs that aim at preventing the outbreak of the disease.


It is a severe form of headache. In addition to the pain, it may also cause vomiting and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Our team of experts, with their immense experience with migraine cases, know how to help patients with this condition.


This condition results in gliding of a bone over another, leading to swelling, pain, and inflammation. Being among some of the best hospitals for the treatment of osteoarthritis in Bangalore, we strategize plans that minimize the pain and prescribe drugs for inflammation, along with suggesting few lifestyle changes. 

Our Doctors – Specialists

We bring you a highly specialized team of knowledgeable professionals in the field of general medicine along with best-in-class surgical equipment and cutting-edge technology. BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital is known for its excellence in the treatment of various general diseases like anorexia, pulmonary problems, osteoporosis, etc, with some of the best internal medicine doctors in Bangalore from around the country. We also have a team of skilful and experienced surgeons that specialize in surgeries of the gastrointestinal tract and related organs. Our team also includes consultants that are among the best in the country, along with a world-class team of trained nurses and paramedical staff, making our centre one of the best hospitals for general medicine in Bangalore.

We are with you in your journey to better health

A consultation with our panel of doctors, specialists and surgeons will help you determine what kind of services you may need to help diagnose and treat your condition. If you or someone in your family or friend’s circle are facing any health issues, please get in touch with us, we are here for you.